1. Find your Block Club

Block Clubs in Hamtramck are organized by neigborhoods. They each have their own name, goals and personality. You can find your block club by identifying which block club boundary you live within on the map and attending a monthly meeting or activity.

2. Find a Meeting

During covid, all meetings are on Zoom - best bet is to search facebook for your blockclub and see if there is a zoom link.

Senior Plaza Block Club Meeting

WhenFourth Monday of every month, 4-5 p.m

Where2620 Holbrook St.

WhoResidents of the Hamtramck Senior Plaza

4Cs (Hamtramck Heights Neighborhood Association)

WhenFirst Thursday of every month, 7pm

WhereHamtramck Community Center (11350 Charest St.)

WhoResidents that live between Caniff and Carpenter and between Conant and Jos. Campau


WhenSecond Wednesday of every month, 7pm

WherePeople’s Senior Center, 2339 Caniff St.

WhoResidents that live between Caniff and Carpenter and between Jos. Campau and I-75


WhenSecond Monday of every month, 7pm

WhereOur Lady Queen of Apostles Activity Center

WhoResidents that live East of Conant.


WhenLast Thursday of every month

WherePeople’s Community Services, 8625 Joseph Campau St.

WhoFor residents that live South of Holbrook. Southend Block Club Website


WhenThird Wednesday of every month, 7pm

WhereSt. Florian Parish, 2622 Florian.

WhoDuring Covid find zoom link on the Midtown Block Club facebook page




WhoFor resident living between Jos. Campau, Caniff st, Conant and Holbrook

W75 (Grand Heaven/Dyar)



WhoFor residents living west of highway I75

Other Resources

Hamtramck Block Clubs Facebook Page

Hamtramck Midtown Block Club

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